Services to Plan Sponsors (Employers)

Retirement plan providers who select plan investments or hire an investment provider with a limited set of investment options may be taking on fiduciary risk beyond that of simply sponsoring the plan. We offer retirement plan providers relief from fiduciary responsibility for plan investment services by acting as investment manager for the entire plan. We create an investment policy, design, manage and monitor investment portfolios for participating staff, facilitate retirement education and aid in enrolling staff in the plan. These investment services, performed under the supervision and authority of the plan sponsor, relieve the sponsor of all liability for investment-related services to the plan. We are a qualified 3(38) fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) by virtue of our 32 years of investment experience and our designation by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Beyond giving employers fiduciary cover, we firmly believe that participants will have far higher account balances at retirement if a professional hand guides investments from selecting quality portfolios out of thousands of available investments to monitoring and rebalancing them as necessary to assure continued high performance. Perhaps most of all, a 3(38) investment manager like us steadies the nerves of participants as their investments weave and bob over the short term as markets alternately exhibit greed and fear, certainty and uncertainty. Through it all, a 3(38) investment manager maintains a vision of the destination a high, sustainable and growing retirement income.

Services to Individuals and Families

We bring the same level of care to individuals and families that we bring to employers. Much in the same way as we would fit a managed portfolio to a retirement client, we maintain several investment programs into which we place individual and family clients. We have a much larger set of solutions to offer individuals and families, as their financial needs are far broader than those of participants in a retirement plan where retirement income is the primary focus. Our services to individuals and families can reach beyond investment management as needs direct, venturing into financial counsel as needed. We do not offer financial planning services per se, but do aid when our expertise may be of use, acting as a general financial resource. We are compensated only for investment management but can indicate, without conflict of interest, insurance providers, basic estate planning and general wealth building resources as needed. We publish informative articles on investing and money management in newsletters to our clients.


Our sole source of income is client fees for the investment management services we render. We accept no rebates, profit sharing, in kind gifts, leisure cruises that pose as continuing education or any form of financial incentive that might compromise our ability to exercise the most prudent judgment in matters that affect clients. We strive to eliminate all sources of conflicts which might draw us away from acting in the best interest of our clients.

We recognize that we are but one of a number of firms you may choose. Therefore, we want to go beyond effective money management by anticipating and responding to your needs thoroughly and without delay. Please contact us for more information. Our fee schedules are available on request.

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