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Why do I need someone to manage my investments?

We must always decide which of life’s functions to do ourselves and which to have others who are specialists do for us. Arguably, the specialist can do a better job with fewer mistakes. People who choose us to manage their money understand that we have specialized knowledge that can help direct them and their money toward a happier, more prosperous and more carefree life.

Can you really help anyone?

Anyone with some money to invest or save and a desire to build an investment or savings account is a potential client. Tolerance for risk is of less importance. We make money work effectively and efficiently. All that is required is a time horizon (the length of time money can be invested before needing some or all of it) that is one year or more.

Which situations are not appropriate for your services?

We add little value to people who have been doing their own investing for years and who feel very comfortable doing so, except to take part of the load from them. We also don’t add a lot of value to people who choose to keep only CDs in their portfolios. All others are candidates for our services.

How can I be sure that you will be trustworthy with my money?

There are two elements to this question. First, we cannot do anything to client accounts except buy and sell, take fees and cause money to flow to the account holder at the address of record without expressed client permission. Second, risk strategies keep us from going outside the boundaries desired by our clients.

What is your minimum account size?

We have no minimum, but want clients with small accounts to continue to add to them.
It is costly for both vendors and us to maintain small accounts. That said, we have a commitment to help people get started with investing.

How do your fees compare with others?

We believe that our fees are lower than most other investment advisors. It is rare to have a $100,000 account incur fees of less than 1.25% as ours do.

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I see evidence of your work through buy and sell notices from my account
custodian. Should I be worried about his activity?

Not in the least. We are exercising our best judgement to both protect your account and to make it grow. Sales and purchases are necessary from time to time to accomplish this end.

Are you a stock broker?

No. We are a Registered Investment Advisor. That term refers to someone who either consults on accounts or manages them for a fee, usually one based on the value of the accounts under advisement or management.

Stock brokers historically have made money from buying and selling securities. We make nothing except the fees our clients pay us.

Aren’t common stocks risky?

Risk is relative. Over a span of 20 years, money has not been lost in a diversified stock portfolio since figures began to be kept in 1926. Common stocks, in general, can be volatile in shorter periods of time, though. Further, some stocks prove to be worthless as business failures occur. That said, business failures tend to occur among smaller, less experienced and capitalized companies than in more established ones. We diversify the risk of business failure by investing in regulated invested companies, each containing fifty or more companies.

I am concerned about the stock market. Can you still help me?

Absolutely. We will show you how to combine non-volatile investments to reduce risk of loss.

How do I sign up?

Contact our office and we will help you do the rest.

If I decide to leave you, are there fees?

Gaia Capital Management does not charge a termination fee. However, there may be fees associated with liquidating assets and/or transferring assets from a specific account custodian.

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